SICPA - Albanian government

SICPA is the world leader in security inks for currencies and is the trusted security provider and adviser to most governments. They hired us to produce a film for one of their clients, the Albanian General Directorate of Customs which is the government agency responsible for the transferring of imported and exported goods in and out of Albania.
The pitch was to address the serious problem of illicit trade in Albania in an emotional, positive manner. The purpose of the campaign was to show that the entire population is concerned by the harmful consequences of illicit trade and that saying no to contraband is easier than we think.

By purchasing verified products bearing the offical fiscal stamps, Albanian citizens contribute to the economic system, making it possible to build durable infrastructures, to finance schools, to ensure sufficient pensions and, above all, to not place public health at risk by consuming adulterated products. This premise lead us to shooting four portraits, in some way a cross-section of the Albanian population. The film was broadcast on several national television channels in Albania, reaching people of all ages.


Nicolas & Oliver Jutzi


vandy studio


vandy studio


ASAP Studio

Color grading
Hair & Make-up

Julien Charrière